On “Bright Star” by Jane Campion (curvatura dall'Inglese dopo la visione in v.o. del film)

This film presents the life, the adventures and the story of John Keats. Son a humble family that wanted to force him to the medicine, he instead decided to undertake poet’s career. He becomes, thanks to his experties, valued after his death by Arnold (that looked in him some features of William Shakespeare), an important column of english romantic poetry. I liked very much the accuracy which with the film is setted, keeping in mind the smaller details like the use of the lights in some scenes.
Sami Albadri 

This film represents the story of John Keats, a poet of the second generation of romantic era of english poetry. The plot is based on the love story between John and Fanny Browne. The most analyzed aspect is the  development of Fanny through the time and I appreciate the most the way how John relates with her. 
                                                                                                     Silvia Bono

"Bright Star" for me is a beautiful movie that helped me to understand John Keats' life, his emotions and the importance of his relationship with Fanny Browne. It also helped me to comprehend the social environment of his period. 

Federico Borrelli

I didn’t appreciate the film very much because it was very slow. The only scene I liked was the one in which Fanny became mad and obsessive because John Keats is far from her and she stops writing. The way the director showed the romanticism firstly with the butterflies symbolising Fanny’s happiness and, after, the poet’s death, matching with the end of her happiness, was very touching.
Lorenzo Di Matteo

This movie had been very interesting because of the twists and the plot of love fascinated me. It had been also important to know better John Keats as a great poet and as a romantic figure.
Cristiano Di Pietro

A literary, strictly philological, aesthetical film. Not a biography, but a hymn, poetry itself, to the short and tormenting life of the poet John Keats”, the most impoetic of creatures”, consumed in a breath, like a burning candle to scrutinize the depths of the “mist”, looking of the “leap”, of the principle of beauty that is truth. Fanny Browne, his star; he really calls her so in his letters, is not his muse, but how wonderfully he senses and returns to the spectator the emblem, symbol, living and vital allegory of “beauty” that Keats desperately seeks and passionately celebrates every day of his ephemeral existence.
Davide D’Orto

The movie Bright Star, directed by Jane Campion, was really interesting. I really like the graphic and especially how the actors perform their own character. I could understand very well Keats’ poetry. The movie was colorful and full of emotions. It really involves the audience! What also interest me was the use of different symbols, as example the butterflies. In the scene where Fanny Browne was happy, the butterflies were alive and flying everywhere, then, when she got sad, all the butterflies died. Although the movie is focused on Keats and Fanny’s love, we can fully understand Keats’ poetry,  his life but also how he used to work for his poems.
Dela Reyna Chellee Mae

Well, I think that “Bright Star” seems as it has a slow pace; but we can see that the succession of the scenes has a studied musicality that lets the story of the film appear as it happens in a short time frame, instead it represents few years of Keats’ life. This kind of film is particular: it is intense because of expressions about the emotions of the characters and it has a romantic music; I liked this type of work done by the director on it through the choice of lights and settings.
Simone Eusepi
This film is based on the story of John Keats, a poet of the second generation of the romantics. One of the most analyzed aspect of the film is the liaison between Fanny Browne and John Keats which describes the various difficulties in that romance. I like the most this story but I don’t really like the way of shooting it.
Edoardo Fedeli

The film presents us the last years of life of the romantic poet John Keats. A very beautiful work, full of meanings, but sometimes is very sad.
Andrea Fontana

It's a very beautiful movie that explains very well the love story between John Keats and Fanny Browne, and it also helps us understand better John Keats' poetry. I was really impressed by the details' accuracy and by the musical choises. The actors, thanks to their acting, succeed in transmitting you a lot of emotions, in particular the scene in which Keats died and Fanny despaired.
Yuri Fornasiere

It is a poetic film where the images are captured very well in the minimum details, the absence of sounds are also interesting, but it seems to be a bit slow. The direct contact of human with nature can be noticed and the centre of the attention is the poet’s poetry.
Nisha Kumari

I didn't enjoy watching the movie because I found it pretty boring, most of all the plot evolved slowly. Altough it was helpfull for my knowledge about John Keats' life and poetry. The only part that fascinated me was how they dress up and their habits because it was funny.
Matteo Lollo

Between the poet John Keats and his neighbour, the fashion student Fanny Browne, a secret relationship is born. It is a strange couple, because initially he considers she superficial and she remains indifferent not only to his poetry but also to literature in general. But when Fanny discovers that John handling the sick brother and offers to help him, Keats is impressed. When she asks him to teach her about his poem, he accepts, and their lessons will end up making them fall in love passionately. The final scene of the film struck me because Keats dies but the love that she feels for him will be eternal.
Ludovica Marini

A really well done movie, full of symbols, that helped me rediscover and understand John Keats' life and the style of his poetry better. The movie brightly  shows the deepness of the bond between the poet and his beloved Fanny Browne and the importance it had during his life.
Federico Mascolo

Unique and great film about the most important element of the second generation of romantic poetry: John Keats. Beautiful photography with a particular grey and sweet light. The slow time inside the movie put inside it a lot of contrasts between happiness and sadness. The life of John Keats described in the film teaches u show the life of a poet can dominate by a strong feeling of beauty and how a short life can be important for the world af art.
Pietro Matteucci

I really liked Bright Star, especially the delicate and at the same time passionate relationship between John Keats and Fanny Browne and the deep way they have to communicate via letters. I also love the way Keats is featured.
Michael Millord

Bright Star is a movie that talks about the poet John Keats, is a very romantic story that involves the true romance between Keats and Fanny Browne, his historical lover. Director Jane Campion uses a very sensitive tone to obtain a poetic atmosphere. The sound of music in this film creates a wonderful lightness.
Luca Orlandi

“Bright Star” engaged me in John Keats’ meaning and helped me to understand better what kind of poet he was. Keats is overwelmed by the events happened in his life. I felt deep sadness about the destiny of that kind of figure, even though the movie revealed me had been really is.
Daniele Palmieri

I didn’t really like the movie because it is very slow and has no real twists, certainly the scenary and the costumes are spot on. The director is able to represent the quintessence of Keats’ character and what surrounds that historical period. I’m sure that the fans of this filmgenre will enjoy the movie so… look for it and watch it.
Gianluca Savarese

The movie describes the poetry of John Keats and focuses on the last years of his life and on his relationship with Fanny Browne. It succeeds in his aim to make the viewer understand the importance of his feelings for his beloved Fanny and his poetic thought. Moreover I was impressed by the setting of the movie and by the designs of the dresses the actors wore that succeed in their representation of the lifestyle of that period.
Adrian Serban

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